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Asst Prof Ian Rowen
Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences
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Rowen, Ian. (2020). Crafting the Taiwan Model for COVID-19: An Exceptional State in Pandemic Territory. The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, 18(14).

Rowen, Ian. (2020). The transformational festival as a subversive toolbox for a transformed tourism: lessons from Burning Man for a COVID-19 world. Tourism Geographies, 22(3), 695-702.

Rowen, Ian. (2019). Tourism studies is a geopolitical instrument : Conferences, Confucius Institutes, and ‘the Chinese Dream’. Tourism Geographies, .

Rowen, Ian. (2018). Tourism as a territorial strategy in the South China Sea. Enterprises, Localities, People, and Policy in the South China Sea: Beneath the SurfacePalgrave Macmillan.

Rowen, Ian. (2016). The geopolitics of tourism: Mobilities, territory and protest in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 106(2), 385-393.

Rowen, I. (2022). Booking Engines as Battlefields: Contesting Technology, Travel, and Territory in Taiwan and China. Geopolitics.

Rowen, Ian. (2021). Transitions in Taiwan: Stories of the White Terror. Cambria Press.