Academic Profile : No longer with NTU

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Asst Prof Kenichi Ito
Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences
Assistant Professor, Asian School of the Environment (Courtesy Appointment)
Journal Articles
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Kenichi Ito, Terri Tan, Albert Lee ,& Liman Man Wai Li. (2019). Low Residential Mobility and Novelty-Seeking Consumption. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 50(10), 1242 - 1252.

de Bellis, E. Hildebrand, C., Ito, K., Herrmann, A., & Schmitt, B. (2019). Personalizing the Customization Experience: A Matching Theory of Mass Customization and Culture-Specific Information Processing.. Journal of Marketing Research, 56, 1050-1065.

Kenichi Ito & Liman Man Wai Li. (2019). Holism and pro-environmental commitment: An examination on the mediating roles of affective and cognitive determinants. Personality and Individual Differences, 149, 160-166.

Ito K*, Chew Wei O, Kitada R*. (2019). Emotional Tears Communicate Sadness But Not Excessive Emotions Without Other Contextual Knowledge. Frontiers in Psychology, 10, 878.

Hillbun Ho, Kenichi Ito. (2019). Consumption-oriented engagement in social network sites: Undesirable influence on personal well-being. European Journal of Marketing, .