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Professor Tan Ooi Kiang is Deputy Provost (Education) at Nanyang Technological University.

Professor Tan is Professor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He joined the Nanyang Technological Institute in 1987 and was the Sub-Dean for Students Affair (1991-2000), Head of the Division of Microelectronics (2001-2006) and Associate Chair for Curriculum & Graduate Studies (2006-2010) in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE). He has also served as the Associate Dean (Projects) at the then Graduate Studies Office (2010-2012), Director, Office of Admissions & Financial Aid (2012-2014), Director, Undergraduate Education (Projects) (2014-2015), Deputy Associate Provost, Undergraduate Education (2015-2016) and Associate Provost, Undergraduate Education (2016-2020) at the President's Office, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

He has been actively involved in the Sensors, Actuators, and Smart Materials as well as the Nanoelectronics research in EEE. His research focuses are in the area of microelectronics and functional materials and devices design for electronics, bio-medical, functional sensor and actuator applications. These includes the synthesis, fabrication and characterization of semiconductor & ferroelectric nanostructured materials, thick and thin film devices; high-energy ball milling and sol-gel processing, ICPCVD nano-technology; bio-chemical sensor and actuator applications; and silicon-based device fabrication & integration. He was the Chairman of International Steering Committee for the Asian Conference on Chemical Sensors. He has served in numerous national boards and committees, including the SERC A*STAR Steering/Management Committee for NanoElectronics Programme, expert panel member for the Ministry of Education Academic Research Fund in the areas of Engineering, Physical & Chemical Sciences Discipline. He is principal investigator and Co-PI for 27 research grants amounting to more than S$14 millions, including those at Temasek-Lab@NTU and Rolls-Royce NTU Corporate Lab; and collaborator to another 7 projects amounting to over $5 millions. He has published over 169 international refereed journals/books/monographs/ chapters and holds 6 patents.

He currently serves as a member of the NIE Council and the NIE EXCO, Board of Directors at NIEI and NIEC.

He was awarded the Public Administration Medal (Silver) in 2015.

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Prof Tan Ooi Kiang
Deputy Provost (Education)
Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Sensors, Actuators, and Smart Materials; Nanoelectronics and functional materials and devices; design for electronics, bio-medical, functional sensor and actuator applications.

  • Design and development of digital coaching environment for Deeper Experiential Engagement Projects:co-evolution of education with Artificial Intelligence

  • Monetary Academic Resources
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