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Prof Tan Ooi Kiang
Deputy Provost (Education)
Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
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Highly Cited

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Recent Publications

Liu, H., Zhang, L., Li, K.H.H., Tan, O.K. (2019). Microhotplates for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Gas Sensor Applications—Towards the CMOS-MEMS Monolithic Approach. Micromachines, 9, 557.

L. Zhang, K. H. H. Li, M. S. Tse, O. K. Tan, E.-K. Chua, C. L. Chow, C. K. Lim and K.-Y. See. (2017). Modulating and Tuning Relative Permittivity of Dielectric Composites at Metamaterial Unit Cell Level for Microwave Applications. Materials Research Bulletin, 96, 164-170.

L. Zhang*, K. H. H. Li *, M. S. Tse, O. K. Tan, E.-K. Chua, and K.-Y. See. (2016, August). Modulating and Tuning the Relative Permittivity of Dielectric Materials at the Unit Cell Level: Simulation and Experimental Verification. Paper presented at 2nd International Conference on Advances in Functional Materials, Jeju, South Korea.

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