Academic Profile

Dr Sun-Woh Lye, FIES, is currently in the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering since 1987. He received his Bachelor and PhD degrees from the University of Bath, England. Amongst the courses that he taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels are industrial design, advanced product design for manufacture, virtual design and manufacture, optimisation, process engineering and foam moulding and fabrication. He has published many international journal and conference papers namely in design and process decision support systems, monitoring, sensing and modeling analysis of mechanical designs and processes, foam and composite design and manufacture. He had also served as a consultant and expert member to several engineering and governmental related companies in the training, problem solving, evaluation of engineering design, drawing interpretations, manufacturing and research projects and product development. He also served as chairman of engineering professional institution, international conferences and reviewer of international journals relating to design and manufacturing. For his contributions, he has been the recipient of a number of internationally acclaimed awards for Best Paper Award, Outstanding Young Engineers Award, Outstanding Youth Award, International Merit Award for Contribution to the Engineering Profession in design and manufacture.
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Prof Lye Sun Woh
Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Deputy Director, Air Traffic Management Research Institute (ATMRI); Saab-NTU Joint Research Centre

His research interests include Design and process decision support systems. Statistical sensing and modeling analysis for mechanical design and processes, foam and composite design and manufacture.
  • ATMRI Projects

  • Neurophysiological Measures for Task Handling Complexity

  • Programme 4 - Exploratory Studies And Emergence Technologies: Real-Time Neuro-Visual Situation Awareness Monitoring System for Controller Operational Performance Behaviour (Part 2)
  • H. J. Wee, F. Trapsilawati, S. W. Lye, C. H. Chen, and J. P. Pinheiro. (2017). Real Time Bio Signal Interface for Visual Monitoring of Radar Controllers. ISPE International Conference on Transdisciplinary Engineering.

  • F. Trapsilawati, Y. Liu, H. J. Wee, H. Subramaniam, O. Sourina, K. Pushparaj, S. Sembian, P. C. Q, Lu, C. H. Chen, and S. W. Lye. (2017). Perceived and Physiological Mental Workload and Emotion Assessments in En-Route ATC Environment: A Case Study. ISPE International Conference on Transdisciplinary Engineering.

  • Kai Tao, Jianmin Miao, Sun Woh Lye, Xiao Hu. (2015). Sandwich-structured two-dimensional MEMS electret power generator for low-level ambient vibrational energy harvesting. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 228, 95–103.

  • Zhiyuan Shen, Shuwei Liu, Jianmin Miao, Sun Woh Lye and Zhihong Wang. (2015). Spiral electrode d33 mode piezoelectric diaphragm combined with proof mass as energy harvester. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 25(3), 035004.

  • Kai Tao, Sun Woh Lye, Jianmin Miao, Xiao Hu. (2015). Design and implementation of an out-of-plane electrostatic vibration energy harvester with dual-charged electret plates. Microelectronic Engineering, 135, 32–37.