Academic Profile

PhD National University of Singapore 2007
MSc National University of Singapore 2001
BS Xiamen University 1995
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Dr Lu Yunpeng
Lecturer, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences - Division of Chemistry & Biological Chemistry

Quantum Wavepacket Reaction Dynamics
ab_intio calculations
  • Incorporating Quantum Chemistry Descriptors and Topological Features to Study G-quadruplex-stabilizer Complexes by Machine Learning Models
  • C.-G. Wang, A. M. L. Chong, Y. Lu, X. Liu, A. Goto. (2019). Metal-Free Fast Azidation by Using Tetrabutylammonium Azide: Effective Synthesis of Alkyl Azides and Well-Defined Azido-End Polymethacrylates. Chemistry - A European Journal, 25, 13025-13029.

  • Haiyan Xu, Chen-Gang Wang, Yunpeng Lu, and Atsushi Goto. (2019). Pyridine N‑Oxide Catalyzed Living Radical Polymerization of Methacrylates via Halogen Bonding Catalysis. Macromolecules, 52, 2156−2163.

  • Min Lu, Di Zhu, Yunpeng Lu, Xiaofei Zeng, Bin Tan, Zhenjiang Xu, and Guofu Zhong*. (2009). Chiral Brønsted Acid-Catalyzed Enantioselective alfa-Hydroxylation of beta-Dicarbonyl Compounds. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 131, 2.

  • Min Lu, Di Zhu, Yunpeng Lu, Yuxuan Hou, Bin Tan, and Guofu Zhong. (2008). Organocatalytic Asymmetric a-Aminoxylation/Aza-Michael Reactions. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 47(52), 5.