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Prof Randy John La Polla
Professor, School of Humanities
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LaPolla, Randy J. (2017). Causation as a Factor and Goal in Typological Comparisons. Linguistic Typology, 21(3), 547-554.

LaPolla, Randy J (罗仁地). (2017). 尊重语言事实 提倡科学方法--21世纪语言学刍议 (Respecting language facts and promoting scientific methodology--21st century linguistics).《光明日报》(Guangming Daily), 2017.12.03.

LaPolla, Randy J. (2017, November). On the concept of word families and its use in Sino-Tibetan historical linguistics. Paper presented at Invited Keynote presentation to 50th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics, Beijing.

LaPolla, Randy J. (2017, June). The Debate on Comparative Categories (Concepts) in Typology and Possible Reasons for the Different Positions. Paper presented at Invited Keynote presented to the 3rd Biannual International Conference on Linguistic Typology, Shanghai International Studies University.

LaPolla, Randy J. (2017). On the Structure of the Clause in Proto-Sino-Tibetan and Its Development in the Daughter Languages. Invited Keynote presented to the Conference on the Ancestry of the Chinese Language.