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Asst Prof Tapsi Mathur
Assistant Professor, School of Humanities
Tapsi Mathur is an Assistant Professor in the history programme at NTU. She received her PhD in history at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and is currently working on her book manuscript titled “Known Geography: Empire and the Making of a New Discipline.” In "Known Geography," she locates a now-buried tradition of “native” exploration as it emerged in conjunction with the European exploration of South and Central Asia, from its beginnings in the mid-eighteenth century up till the early twentieth century. She examines this tradition for how the work of these native explorers was represented and reproduced for metropolitan scientific audiences to then track a new lineage for the creation of the modern discipline of geography, implicated very much within the workings of empire.
Mathur's research and teaching interests include science and technology in Modern South Asia and the British Empire, as well as transnational, world, and global history.
  • Developing multi-disciplinary observations and novel datasets across the humanities and geosciences to address cyclone risk in northeast India