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Assoc Prof Chong Yi Dong
Associate Chair (Students)
Associate Professor, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences - Division of Physics & Applied Physics
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Highly Cited:
Zeng, Y., Chattopadhyay, U., Zhu, B., Qiang, B., Li, J., Jin, Y., ... & Wang, Q. J. (2020). Electrically pumped topological laser with valley edge modes. Nature, 578(7794), 246-250.

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Recent Publication:
Zhu, W., Xue, H., Gong, J., Chong, Y., & Zhang, B. (2022). Time-periodic corner states from Floquet higher-order topology. Nature Communications, 13(1), 11.

Wang, Q., Zhu, C., Wang, Y., Zhang, B., & Chong, Y. D. (2022). Amplification of quantum signals by the non-Hermitian skin effect. Physical Review B, 106(2), 024301.

Zhu, B., Wang, Q., Leykam, D., Xue, H., Wang, Q. J., & Chong, Y. D. (2022). Anomalous single-mode lasing induced by nonlinearity and the non-Hermitian skin effect. Physical Review Letters, 129(1), 013903.

Price, H., Chong, Y., Khanikaev, A., Schomerus, H., Maczewsky, L. J., Kremer, M., ... & Blanco-Redondo, A. (2022). Roadmap on topological photonics. Journal of Physics: Photonics, 4(3), 032501.

Kumar, A., Gupta, M., Pitchappa, P., Tan, T. C., Chattopadhyay, U., Ducournau, G., ... & Singh, R. (2022). Active Ultrahigh‐Q (0.2× 106) THz Topological Cavities on a Chip. Advanced Materials, 34(27), 2202370.

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Zheng Wang, Y. D. Chong John D. Joannopoulos, and Marin Soljačić. (2009). Observation of Unidirectional Backscattering-immune Topological Electromagnetic States. Nature, 461, 772.
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