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I, Lo-fen

I LO-FEN is an Associate Professor (with tenure) in the School of Humanities at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and was the Head of Division of Chinese from 2014 to 2016.

She is the Founder and Honorary President of the Text and Image Studies Society in Singapore. It is a social service organisation with the mission of sharing the academic research results to the public. She has also been an invited columnist for Lianhe Zaobao, Singapore's largest Chinese newspaper since 2007.

She completed her PhD from National Taiwan University in 1995 and thereafter worked at the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica in Taiwan as a researcher before joining Nanyang Technological University in 2006. She has taken up many appointments abroad as visiting scholar and co-researcher in reputable universities, such as Sungkyunkwan University, The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, National Nara Women’s University, and Stanford University.

Her research interests lie in Text and Image Studies, East Asian Literature and Culture, Singapore Studies, and Chinese poet Su Shi (1037-1101) Studies. Text and Image Studies methodology is her most important academic achievement. Text can be defined as how people express themselves; image refers to the media text is presented. It provides a way of seeing from classic art to social media. Her research articles have been published in both Chinese and English, and also translated to Japanese and Korean
Her research accomplishments include the publication of nine academic books, single authorship of 14 creative literary books, as well as more than 100 journal papers and book chapters; recent publications include:

• Text and Image Studies( Nanjing University Press, 2020)
• The Art of Su Shi's Calligraphy (Shanghai Classics Publishing House, 2019).
• Gorgeous Nanyang: Arts, Advertisements, Crossover Singapore (2016. Presentation & Participation Grant of Singapore National Art Council, Selected One of the Best Books by Lainhe Zaobao, 2016).
• East Asia Observation (2014. Excellent Book Award, National Museum of Taiwan Literature, 2015).
• Of Cloud Shadows and Celestial Light: Poems and Paintings of the Landscape of Xiao Xiang (2013).
• and Citationality in Chinese Literature and Art (2011. Selected One of the Best Ten Books of Literature and Image Studies across the World by Nanjing University).

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Assoc Prof I Lo-fen
Associate Professor, School of Humanities

Text and Image Studies
Chinese Poetry and Visual Art
Chinese Literary Works on Paintings
Su Shi Studies
Interchange of East-Asian Culture and Literature in Classical Chinese
Asian Visual Culture and Aesthetics
  • The Spirit Of Chinese Brushwork & Crafts
  • I, Lo-fen. (2016). Gorgeous Nanyang: Arts, Advertisements, Crossover Singapore 南洋風華:藝文.廣告.跨界新加坡. Global Publishing.

  • I Lo-fen. (2013). Of Cloud Shadows and Celestial Light: Poems and Paintings of the Landscape of Xiao Xiang 雲影天光:瀟湘山水之畫意與詩情. Li Ren Publishing Co. (2020) Beijing University Press.

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  • I Lo-fen. (2004). Observation, Description, Appreciation: Studies of Tang-Song Writings on Painting觀看.敘述.審美─唐宋題畫文學論集. Taipei: Academia Sinica Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy.

  • I Lo-fen. (2019) The Art of Su Dongpo's Calligraphy (書藝東坡). Shanghai Chinese Classics Publishing House, 2019. (ISBN: 9787532590780)(One of the Ten Best Art History books selected by readers in 2019, China)

  • I Lo-fen. (2020) Text and Image Studies(春光秋波:看見文圖學). Nanjing University Press. (ISBN: 9787305237881)

  • I Lo-fen. (2019). Observing the Synergy: Text and Image Studies and Asia Horizon(東張西望:文圖學與亞洲視界). Singapore: Global Publishing. (ISBN: 978-981-12-0164-6)

  • I Lo-fen. (2020)陪你去看蘇東坡. 台北:有鹿文化