Academic Profile

I received my PhD in Psychology from Northwestern University, where I specialized in the areas of social/cultural psychology and cultural neuroscience. I completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Business School of Nanyang Technological University before joining the Division of Psychology.
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Assoc Prof Cheon Bobby Kyungbeom (No longer with NTU)
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences
Principal Investigator, Nanyang Technological University

My research investigates how people conceptualize and navigate relations with fellow group members (in-groups) and people belonging to other groups (out-groups) in response to environmental pressures and demands. Towards this objective, I investigate how perceived threats from the environment influence and interact with neurobiological mechanisms to shape intragroup processes (e.g., empathy, cooperation, affiliation), intergroup processes (e.g., prejudice, in-group favoritism, discrimination), as well as cultural diversity in these group processes. I am also applying my research on culture, social experience, and group processes to study the social modulation of eating behaviors, appetite, and nutritional health.
  • CLIC WP0.1 - PI Prof Cheon Bobby Kyungbeom

  • Identifying the mechanism by which gut microbes regulateskeletal muscle growth and neuromuscular communication

  • The Importance of CARE: Covid-19, Attachment, Resilience, and Early Life

  • The influence of implicit satiety goals on appetite and eating behavior

  • We are One Singapore: An investigation of the enlarged in-group effect in Singaporeans across the lifespan and in environmental contextual cues to promote multiculturalism
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