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Dr Chen Yu
Teaching Associate, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
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[1] Gravitational multisoliton solutions on flat space, Y. Chen, Physical Review D 93 (2016) 044021.

[2] Five-parameter class of solutions to the vacuum Einstein equations, Y. Chen and E. Teo, Physical Review D 91 (2015) 124005.

[3] A new AF gravitational instanton, Y. Chen and E. Teo, Physics Letters B 703 (2011) 359. (Known to some as the Chen-Teo instanton)

[4] Rod-structure classification of gravitational instantons with U(1) × U(1) isometry, Y. Chen
and E. Teo, Nuclear Physics B 838 (2010) 207.

[5] Rotating black lens solution in five dimensions, Y. Chen and E. Teo, Physical Review D 78 (2008) 064062.
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