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In the ten years that I have served as faculty at the University’s Language and Communication Centre (LCC), I have taught thousands of students from the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, the College of Engineering, the College of Science, the Centre for Professional and Continuing Education and, most recently, Student Leadership Development. I have developed multiple new courses, and was the lead or sole curriculum developer for many of these. My research is closely tied to my classroom practice, and I am currently the principal investigator of an EdeX grant research project looking at student-faculty partnership in curriculum development. As part of this research, I supervise undergraduate students under the URECA (Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus) programme. I also strive to keep up-to-date with new technology and current best practice, and recently served as the lead anchor lecturer for the TEL (Technology-Enhanced Learning) conversion of HW0128: Scientific Communication I.

In terms of service to the University, I have coordinated several large courses for the LCC, and have recently been tapped to administer a new LCC programme for Student Leadership Development, a University-wide initiative run by the President’s Office. As part of this, I am working to expand leadership communication skills training to 600+ students by the next academic year. I also maintain a leadership position outside the traditional classroom as Faculty-in-Residence for Tamarind Hall. I helped start up the new hall when it opened in 2017, launching its first Residential Education programmes and overseeing other aspects of hall life.

I also remain active as a researcher and creative writer. Most recently, I presented a conference paper last month on my ongoing pedagogical research, and moderated two panels at the Singapore Writers Festival in November. My literary criticism (both my current scholarly work and my former work as a journalist and book critic for The Straits Times) and my creative work (poems, short stories and essays published in journals and anthologies) continue to be cited by other researchers, as well as taught by NTU colleagues as part of curriculum for their courses, most notably in the creative writing programme.

In addition to my ongoing EdeX grant, I am also the recipient of a National Arts Council Creation Grant, the major grant for new literary works in Singapore. This external grant has allowed me to continue work on my novel Turtle Mountain which, although not quite finished, has already been excerpted in two publications.

Since my days as a student (BA, MA English, Creative Writing emphasis, Stanford University) I have consistently pursued my intellectual and creative passions. As an educator and practitioner of writing and academic literacy in general, my teaching, research and creative work complement each other quite naturally, and I have tried my best to align this work in larger service to the University. My full CV is available upon request, should you require more details to this effect.

Updated April 2019
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Ms Kristina Marie Tom
Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities

Student-faculty partnership in curriculum design

Creative writing

Literary criticism
  • What’s in a sign?: Typopgraphy in repurposed traditional architecture and its role in Singapore’s multicultural linguistic landscape
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