Academic Profile

Kristina Marie Tom is a senior lecturer at NTU’s Language and Communication Centre and coordinates leadership communication training for NTU's Student Leadership Development Programme. She holds a BA and MA in English from Stanford University, and has a particular passion for teaching public speaking and writing. A former book critic and journalist for The Straits Times, Kristina has published poetry, fiction and criticism. She is a recipient of an NAC Creation Grant for her novel Turtle Mountain, an EdeX Grant for research on student-faculty partnership in curriculum design, and ​an MOE AcRF Tier 1 grant on the linguistic landscapes of Singapore's Chinatown. She also serves as Faculty-in-Residence at Tamarind Hall.
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Ms Kristina Marie Tom
Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities

Student-faculty partnership in curriculum design

Creative writing

Literary criticism
  • What’s in a sign?: Typopgraphy in repurposed traditional architecture and its role in Singapore’s multicultural linguistic landscape
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