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Dr Loke Yuan Ren
Lecturer, School of Computer Science and Engineering
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Y.R. Loke, P. Tan, A. Kassim. (2012). the ACCV 2012 Workshops on Face Analysis: The Intersection of Computer Vision and Human Perception: Face Hallucination on Personal Photo Albums. (pp. 284-295).

Y.R. Loke, S. Ranganath. (2007). In Proceedings of the 18th British Machine Vision Conference: Batch Algorithm with Additional Shape Constraints for Non-Rigid Factorization. (pp. 980-989).

Y.R Loke, P. Kumar, S. Ranganath, W. Huang. (2006). Object Matching Across Multiple Non-overlapping Fields of View Using Fuzzy Logic. Acta Automatica Sinica, 32(6), 978-987.