Academic Profile

Dr. Matwick is a Lecturer in the Language and Communication Centre (LCC). She joined NTU in 2018 and teaches Academic Communications in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Her research uses interactional sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, and multimodal analysis to examine food media discourse, specifically cooking shows and cookbooks. With her twin sister Kelsi, Keri wrote a book on ‘food discourse,’ the written, spoken, and visual text about food, including its preparation, preparation, and consumption, and how it expresses individual and collective sociocultural values about food.

She is the inaugural Editor of Pioneer Road, a student journal published by the LCC that features exemplary student works.

Keri welcomes student projects on food and language.
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Dr Keri Matwick
Lecturer, School of Humanities

interactional sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, media discourse, food & language
  • NTU Student Foodways and Singapore Heritage
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