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Prof Yohanes Eko Riyanto
Chair, School of Social Sciences
Professor, School of Social Sciences
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Journal Articles
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Gallo, Edo, Yohanes E. RIYANTO, Tat-How, Teh, and Nilanjan Roy (2022). Cooperation and Punishment Mechanisms in Uncertain and Dynamic Social Networks. Games and Economic Behavior (forthcoming).

Halim, Edward, Nilanjan Roy, and Yohanes E. RIYANTO (2022). Sharing Idiosyncratic Risks Even Though Prices are Wrong. Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 200, 105400 (

Halim, Edward, Nilanjan Roy, Yohanes E. RIYANTO. (2019). Costly Information-Acquisition, Social-Networks and Asset Prices: Experimental Evidence. Journal of Finance, Vol. 74(4), pp. 1975-2010 (

Hammond, Robert, Liu Bin, Lu Jingfeng, and Yohanes E. RIYANTO. (2019). Enhancing Effort Supply with Prize-Augmenting Entry Fees: Theory and Experiments. International Economic Review, Vol. 60(No. 3), pp. 1063-1096 (

Yohanes E RIYANTO and Jianlin Zhang. (2016). Putting a price tag on others’ perceptions of us. Experimental Economics, 19(2), 480-499.

Nattavudh Powdthavee and Yohanes E. RIYANTO. (2015). Would You Pay for Transparently Useless Advice? A Test of Boundaries of Beliefs in the Folly of Prediction. Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol.97, No.2, pp. 257-272.
Book Chapters
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Bao, Te, Elizavetta Nekrasova, Tibor Neugebauer, and Yohanes E. RIYANTO (2022). Algorithmic Trading in Experimental Markets with Human Traders: A Literature Survey, in Handbook of Experimental Finance (Sascha Füllbrunn and Ernan Haruvy (eds), Edward Elgar Publishing.