Academic Profile : Faculty

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Assoc Prof Lee Kai Chung (Albert)
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences
Albert Lee is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Psychology at Nanyang Technological University. With his early formative years divided between Hong Kong and Vancouver, he was always curious about the ways people -- or minds -- across cultures perceive themselves, one another, and the world. After his Bachelor degree in Social Psychology at the University of British Columbia (2003), he pursued graduate training at Queen's University where his M.Sc. (2009) and Ph.D. (2013) degrees in Personality and Social Psychology were awarded. His research interests span across various domains, from cultural ways of thought and supernatural thinking to mind perception and religious rituals. His research has received continuous financial support from funding agencies in Singapore and Canada, at both the institutional and national levels. When not at his desk, Albert enjoys painting, reading, and making food.
Culture and cognition, religious cognition, superstitious beliefs, anthropomorphism of God, judgments and decision-making, learning.
  • A survey of Questionable Research Practices and Solutions among Education and Psychology researchers at NTU
  • Dialogical Inquiry: Developing Quantitative Instruments for Profiling Future Skills
  • Thank in the Times of Plague: Dialectical Reasoning Fosters Constructive Coping Through Gratitude