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Assoc Prof Yusuf Ali
Associate Professor, Metabolic Disease and Assistant Dean (External Affairs), Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Postgraduate Tutor, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Journal Articles
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Diez JA, Arrojo E, ... Ali, Y., et al. (2017) Pancreatic Islet Blood Flow Dynamics in Primates. Cell Reports. 20(6):1490-501.

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Ali Y, Diez J, Selander L, et al. (2016). The anterior chamber of the eye is a transplantation site that supports and enables visualisation of beta cell development in mice. Diabetologia. 59(5):1007-11.

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Wu B, Wei S, ... Ali Y, et al. (2015). Synaptotagmin-7Phosphorylation Mediates GLP-1 Dependent Potentiation of Insulin Secretion from β-Cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 112(32):9996-10001.

Juntti-Berggren L, Ali Y, & Berggren PO. (2015). The pancreatic β-cell in deadly encounter with apolipoprotein CIII. Cell Cycle. 14(17):2715-16.

Young T, Poobalan Y, ... Ali Y, et al. (2014). The PDZ domain protein Mcc is a novel effector of non-canonical Wnt signaling during convergence and extension in zebrafish. Development. 141(18):3505-16.

Wang Y, Ali Y, Lim CY, et al. (2014). Insulin-stimulated leptin secretion requires calcium and PI3K-Akt activation. Biochemical Journal. 458(3):491-8.

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