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Dr Teoh Teik Toe
Senior Lecturer, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Information Technology & Operations Management
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Summary Experience

NTU Senior Lecturer
SUTD Associate Director & SUTD Academy Fellow
Research and Software Development (25 years)
Teaching (13 years)
Listed Company Director – NTPM (13 years)
Education: Post Doc, PhD, DBA, LLB, LLM, CFA, ACCA, CIMA, CA, CPA
Publication: 95 (14 Journals, 77 Conference Paper, 4 Springer Books)
Google Scholar H Index 8

Education Background:

Post Doctorate, Singapore University Technology & Design

PhD Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University

Doctor of Business Administration, MBA University of Newcastle

Master of Science in Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Hons) University of Southern California

Master of Law (LLM), National University of Singapore

Master of Law (LLM), University of London

Bachelor of Law (LLB) 2nd Upper Hons Birmingham City University

Master of Accounting and Finance, University of Gloucestershire

Bachelor of Psychology, University of Derby

PCEP PCAP (Python)

AWS Cloud Practitioner


ACCA (World Top 100)


Chartered Accountant Singapore, Chartered Accountant Malaysia, CPA Australia, Accredited Tax Practitioner Singapore

Mensa member
2018 till now
Nanyang Technological University
Senior Lecturer


Singapore University Technology & Design (SUTD)
Research Fellow - Post Doctorate

Artificial Intelligence – Deep Learning in Cyber Security lab
Cyber Security Log with Big Data, High Velocity, Machine Learning/Deep Learning Analysis using Weka, Matlab and Python
Computation model include: Fuzzy, K-mean, PCA, MLP, Ngram, HMM, Recurrent Neural Nework, LSTM, CNN.

2013 to 2015
CT Solution - Enterprise Resource Software (ERP)
Inventory and Order Management, Accounting, Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), E-commerce (B-B, B-C), Production Management, Supply Chain Management.

2006 to 2012
NTU - Autism Detection: Using Fuzzy-Neural network including Self Organization Map to develop a computational model to detect Autism using Weka, Visual Basic and Matlab.
NTU - Face Detection: Using Neural Network, Multi-Layer Perceptron, Decision Tree, Naïve Bayesian, SVM, Kmean, KNN develop in both Computer and Mobile phone using Weka Visual Basic, Matlab, C++ and C#.
NTU - Facial Recognition: Using Neural Network Multi-Layer Perceptron, Naïve Bayesian, Kmean, KNN develop in both Computer and Mobile phone using Weka, Visual Basic, Matlab, C++ and C#.
NTU - Emotion Recognition: Using Fuzzy-Neural network, GA, Hidden Markov to develop a computational model to recognize human emotion using Weka, Visual Basic, Matlab.

2003 to 2005
AStar - Develop Swimming Pool Drown Detection, Image Compression.
MOE - Operation software
E-commerce, Hotel software, SMS gateway, school financial system, Computer tracking monitoring and control system, operation data and reporting software in general, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, Asset Tracking, Attendance system, Visitor Tracking, Point of Sales, Store Management.

1995 to 2002
VMS Technology - Telephony Software
Develop Voce mil system, call accounting software, call center, voice logger, call sequencer, computer telephone integration, Voice response system, ringtone and logo mobile phone downloading, interactive chat line.

1991 to 1994
HP - Develop software for HP Printer production line
-Operation - generating serial label, testing, packaging and communication with PLC
-Management - collecting of data, generate reports, real time monitoring
administration of Production and development server and data base under HP-UX environment.
Courses Taught
BC3409 AI in Accounting and Finance
AN6001 AI and Big Data for Business
AN8002 AI in Finance
AC6007 AI in Finance
CET023 AI in Finance and Risk