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Mr Jeffrey Hong Yan Jack
Senior Lecturer, School of Art, Design and Media
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Jeffrey Hong is currently a lecturer at the School of Art, Design, & Media (ADM) at Nanyang Technological University. He is a tutor for Product Design Studio, Advanced Prototyping & Development, and Computer-Aided Design classes at ADM and is a certified Rhinoceros trainer. Trained in Architecture, Industrial Design, and Human Factors Engineering, he has been practising locally as a product designer for over 20 years on a variety of consumer product, industrial equipment, transportation, and defence projects. Besides consulting in the product design realm, he has also worked on a variety of 3D visualisation, print, interior & exhibition design projects. He has research interests in the realms of Design and Human Factors research and has done projects dealing with wearable technology, social media for communities, generative design, human perception, spatial cognition, and interaction within Virtual Environments.
Transportation Vehicle Design
Wearable Technology
Interaction Design - interactive objects, environments, and experiences.
Form exploration using Generative Modeling techniques.
3D Laser scanning and reverse engineering.
Human perception, spatial cognition, and interaction within Virtual Environments.
Simulation and presentation of real-life phenomena through the use of computer graphics software.
  • Toward better future: Merging the lines between Fashion,Materials Science, Computer Science and Engineering