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Prof Dorrit Vibeke Sorensen
Professor, School of Art, Design and Media
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Vibeke Sorensen. (2017). The New Idealism: A New Year's Resolution for 2017 ( New Europe, (Our World in 2017).

Vibeke Sorensen. (2016). East-West: the global art school as global laboratory for multicultural harmony ( New Europe, (Our World in 2016).

Vibeke Sorensen.(2015). Computers and Animation (Chapter 18: Issues). Animation: A World History (Vol 2)(438-445). London: Focal Press - Routledge.

Vibeke Sorensen. (2015, July). Visual Music in the Global Asian Context. Paper presented at Sounds Images and Data 2015 (SID 2015), Steinhardt School, New York University, NY, USA.

Vibeke Sorensen. (2014, November). Wear Are We?. Paper presented at 11th Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology Conference (ACM DSP and ACE 2014), University of Medeira, Portugal.