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Asst Prof Ivan Panovic
Assistant Professor, School of Humanities
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BA in Oriental Philology (University of Belgrade)
MA in Sociology and Anthropology (The American University in Cairo)
DPhil in Oriental Studies (University of Oxford)


I joined the LMS team at NTU in December 2013.

I have a BA in Oriental Philology from the University of Belgrade, MA in Sociology & Anthropology from the American University in Cairo, and DPhil in Oriental Studies from the University of Oxford. After completing my doctorate and before coming to NTU, I had a two-year postdoctoral position at the University of Oxford (Andrew W. Mellon Early Career Development Fellowship in Arabic Sociolinguistics). It was jointly held at the Oriental Institute and Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics.

I translated four novels of the Turkish Nobel Prize laureate Orhan Pamuk from Turkish into Serbian. In 2014, I co-authored a book with Professor Deborah Cameron from the University of Oxford (Working with Written Discourse, SAGE). Currently, I am completing the manuscript of my monograph (Literacies in Contemporary Egypt: everyday writing and political change - under contract with Routledge).

Courses taught at NTU:

- Language in Society
- Delectable Tongues: language & food
- Ecolinguistics: language & environment
- X-rated Linguistics: language, sexuality & desire
- What's in a text? - working with written discourse
- A Wor(l)d in Motion: the sociolinguistics of globalization
- linguistic anthropology
- sociolinguistics of writing
- critical discourse analysis
- ethnography of writing and literacy practices
- social and cultural construction of literacies
- language attitudes and ideologies
- sociolinguistics of globalization
- language and gender
- language and sexuality
- Arabic sociolinguistics