Academic Profile

I am an environmental scientist working in the areas of Conservation Biology, Land Use Change, and Agriculture. Much of my work focuses on the social and ecological consequences of human impacts on the environment especially within Southeast Asia.
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Asst Prof Lee Ser Huay Janice Teresa
Assistant Professor, Asian School of the Environment

After having worked on a range of topics in conservation (wildlife trade, invertebrate ecology, habitat fragmentation), I now focus on the conservation and development challenges faced in the context of commercial and small-scale agricultural expansion in the tropics. I am interested to pursue more research in the areas of conservation and development in the rural tropics, food security, sustainable certification of agro-commodities, as well as understanding how to curb the haze in Southeast Asia.
  • Examining The Past, Present and Future Peatland Fire Dynamics With AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Earth Observation (EO)

  • Identifying and Mitigating Deforestation Risks in Agricultural Commodity Supply Chains

  • Mapping socio-ecological vulnerability of tropical landscapes to fires

  • Riparian protection versus pest and disease control in oil palm plantations

  • The role of community participation in Indonesia's peat land restoration project
  • Sze, J.S., Jefferson, Lee, J.S.H. (2019). Evaluating the social and environmental factors behind the 2015 extreme fire event in Sumatra, Indonesia. Environmental Research Letters, 14(1), 015001.

  • Shailendra Mishra, Jyrki Jauhiainen, Hanna Silvennoinen, Shivshankar Umashankar, Romy Chakraborty, Aswandi Idris, Janice S. H. Lee, and David A. Wardle. (2018, April). Science–based technological innovations can reduce socio-economic impacts and enhance the sustainability of tropical peatlands. Paper presented at European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2018, Vienna, Austria.

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