Academic Profile

Lee Yong Tsui obtained his BSc (1977) and PhD (1983) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Leeds, England, and his MS (1980) from the University of Rochester, New York. After his PhD, he worked as a software engineering in PAFEC Ltd. in Nottingham, developing systems for CAD, CAM and engineering analysis. He left England and joined the then NTI as a senior lecturer in the School of Mechanical and Production Engineering. He mainly teaches in computer related subjects, such as first year Computing, Computer-aided Engineering, Visualisation and Virtual Reality, and Computational Methods in Engineering. He is the Director of the MSc program in Manufacturing Systems and Engineering. He is also the Assistant Chair (Students) in the School.

He was the Conference Chair for SIGGRAPH Asia 2008, the inaugural edition of a major annual computer graphics conference, which is now in its seventh year.

Outside work, he enjoys sports, and was a keen squash player until a rupture of his right Archilles tendon put paid to that career. Now he walks and jogs, but doesn’t enjoy that as much as squash.
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Assoc Prof Lee Yong Tsui (No longer with NTU)
Associate Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

His research interests lie mainly in computer related areas, such as computer graphics, geometric modeling, computer-aided design and manufacturing, and related applications. More specifically, he current focus is in computer-aided conceptual design, looking at the problem of converting design sketches into 3D models, which can then be ?beautified? to become CAD models. He is also studying the simulation of vehicle collisions, as an impartial assistant to judicial litigation on road accident cases.
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