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Assoc Prof Lee Yong Tsui
Associate Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
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Miao YW, Feng XH, Yu LJ, Chen JZ, Lee YT. (2016). Repetitions detection based 3D reconstruction of detailed architectures. Journal of Software, 27(10), 2557-2573.

Miao YW, Feng XH, Yu LJ, Chen JZ, Lee YT. (2016). Single-image based interactively progressive modeling for 3D architectures. Journal of Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics, 28(9), 1410-1419.

CAi JP, Lin F, Lee YT, Qian KM, Seah HS. (2016). Modeling and Dynamics Simulation for Deformable Objects of Orthotropic Materials. The Visual Computer, , 1-12.

Fang F, Lee YT, Leong MC. (2015). Identification of faces in line drawings by edge decomposition. Pattern Recognition, 48(12), 3825-3842.

Fang F, Lee YT. (2014). Efficient decomposition of line drawings of connected manifolds without face identification. Computer-Aided Design, 51(6), 18-30.