Academic Profile : Faculty

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Assoc Prof Wong Yiik Diew
Associate Chair (Academic), School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Dr Wong's R&D interests are in sustainable urban mobility; road safety engineering & practices; driver & traveller behaviours; pedestrian safety & accessibility; bicycle transport & infrastructure; and innovative construction materials in pavement. He has also undertaken research in freight transport; maritime safety & security; maritime manpower developments; urban studies.

  • CIS Research Grant
  • Environmental Sustainability Research
  • Integrated passenger-freight transport system
  • Media Engagement of Stakeholders in Sustainable Maritime Transport: A Data Mining Approach
  • Programme for Micro-Mobility Safety and Utility Research
  • Research into impacts of next generation electronic road pricing (ERP-2) system
  • Research into road infrastructure design & operations for capacity, safety, social inclusivity and the environment
  • School Research Funding Support to Associate Chairs, Assistant Chairs and Prog Directors