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Assoc Prof Wong Yiik Diew
Associate Chair (Academic), School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Wong, G., Wong, Y.D. (2022). Young male motorcycle rider perception response times to abrupt- and gradual-onset hazards, Accident Analysis & Prevention, 165

Ma, Y., Zheng, Y., Wong, Y.D., Easa, S., Cheng, J. (2022). A virtual procedure for real-time monitoring of intervisibility between conflicting agents at intersections using point cloud and trajectory data, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 134

Wang, X., Wong, Y.D., Shi, W., Yuen, K.F. (2022). Shoppers’ logistics activities in omni-channel retailing: A conceptualisation and an exploration on perceptual differences in effort valuation, Transport Policy, 115

Sun, S., Wong, Y.D. (2022). Travel-based multitasking behaviour in Singapore: Determinants and impacts on willingness to pay, Travel Behaviour and Society, 26

Che, M., Wong, Y.D., Lum, K.M., Rojas Lopez, M.C. (2021). Users’ behavioral intention and their behavior: Before-and-after study of “keep left” markings on shared footpaths, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation

Shi, X., Wong, Y.D., Li, M.Z.F., Chai, C. (2021). An automated machine learning (AutoML) method of risk prediction for the decision-making of autonomous vehicles, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 22 (11)

Kusumawardani, D.M., Wong, Y.D. (2021). Effect of coarse aggregate surface texture on performance of porous asphalt mixture (PAM)”, International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology

Chen, T., Wong, Y.D., Shi, X., Yang, Y. (2021). A data-driven feature learning approach based on Copula-Bayesian Network and its application in comparative investigation on risky lane-changing and car-following maneuvers, Accident Analysis & Prevention, 154