Academic Profile : Faculty

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Dr Tan Mia Huan
Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities
Tan Mia Huan is currently in the School of Humanities and Social Science teaching in the Language and Communication Centre since 2007. She received her Bachelor degree in Business Administration from NUS, Master degrees in Science and Education from NTU and Ph.D. from NTU.

PhD Nanyang Technological University
MEd Nanyang Technological University
MSc (Information Studies) Nanyang Technological University
PGDipEd Nanyang Technological University
BBA National University of Singapore

HW0188 Engineering Communication 1
HW0188 Engineering Communication 2
HW0228 Scientific Communication 2
Her research interests include CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) and Language Learning strategies in L2 learners. She is also interested in research areas covering homeschooling, bilingual education, family language policy and translanguaging.
  • Developing academic literacy in an interdisciplinary learning environment