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Assoc Prof Zhao Zhiye
Associate Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Interim Director, Nanyang Centre for Underground Space, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)
Journal Articles
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Recent publications (2020/2021)
1. Xiao, F., Shang, JL., Dede Xiao, F., Shang, JL ., Wanniarachchi, A., Zhao, ZY. Assessing fluid flow in rough rock fractures based on machine learning and electrical circuit model, Journal of petroleum and Engineering. Nov. 2021.
2. Lin, Q., Cao, P., Wen, G., Cao, R., Zhao, Z. Crack coalescence in rock-like specimens with two dissimilar layers and pre-existing double parallel joints under uniaxial compression, Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, March 2021;139.
3. Liu, Q., Zhao, ZY., Nie, W., Sun, JP., Xiao, F. An Analytical Investigation on the Estimation of Water Inflow into a Circular Tunnel Based On-site Data, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, AUG 2020; 53.
4. Tu, FB., Jiao, YY., Chen, ZW., Zou, JP., Zhao, ZY. Stress continuity in DEM-FEM multiscale coupling based on the generalized bridging domain method, Applied mathematical modelling, JUL 2020; 83.
5. Xiao, F., Zhao, ZY. Influence of fracture deformation on grout penetrability in fractured rock masses, Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology AUG 2020; 102.
6. Lin, QB., Cao, P., Meng, JJ., Cao, RH., Zhao, ZY. Strength and failure characteristics of jointed rock mass with double circular holes under uniaxial compression: Insights from discrete element method modelling, Theoretical and applied fracture mechanics, OCT 2020; 109.
7. Yokota, Y., Zhao, Z., Nie, W., Date, K., Iwano, K., Koizumi, Y., Okada, Y. Development of a new deformation-controlled rock bolt: Numerical modelling and laboratory verification. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology. April 2020;98.
8. Nie, W., Guo, W., Ma, S., Zhao, Z. Numerical Modelling of Fully Grouted Rockbolts Subjected to Shear Load. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering. May 2020: 53.
9. Liu Q, Xiao F, Zhao ZY. Grouting knowledge discovery based on data mining. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology. Jan. 2020;95.