Academic Profile

A/P Tor is currently in the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering since 1990. He obtained his Bachelor of Science from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Westminster, England, the then Polytechnic of Central London. He obtained his Ph.D. from the same University. He joined Hewlett-Packard Asia in 1986, and was subsequently promoted to R&D Productivity Manager. His research interests include micro fabrications, Mold and Tool Design and Manufacturing Informatics. He has done significant research work in his research areas and published over 150 top quality international journal and conference papers. He has successfully commercialised a productivity CAD tool for plastic injection mould designer: QuickMould TM. The software was merged with the suite of CAD/CAM software from a leading U.S. based MNC: Unigraphics Solutions. A/P Tor is the faculty fellow of Singapore MIT Alliance (SMA) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU)since 1999. A/P Tor has also been appointed as Lecturer by MIT department of Mechanical Engineering since 2000 through his invlovement in SMA-IMST and SMA-MST programs.
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Assoc Prof Tor Shu Beng (No longer with NTU)
Associate Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Interim Executive Director, Singapore Centre for 3D Printing (SC3DP)
NAMIC@NTU Hub Director, National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster@Nanyang Technological University

A/P Tor's areas of expertise are in Micro-replication processes, Tooling for micro-replication, Mold and tooling Design and Manufacturing informatics. His current research works focus on Micro Powder Injection Molding and Tooling for Polymeric Microfluidic Devices.
  • To Build On SC3DP's Existing Strengths And Competencies In 3D Printing
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  • Chong Z. Z., Tan S. H., Tor S. B., Loh N. H., & Gañán-Calvo A. M. (2016). Active droplet generation in microfluidics. Lab on a Chip, 16(1), 35-58.

  • Xipeng Tan, Yihong Kok, Wei Quan Toh, Yu Jun Tan, Marion Descoins, Dominique Mangelinck, Shu Beng Tor, Kah Fai Leong, Chee Kai Chua. (2016). Revealing martensitic transformation and α/β interface evolution in electron beam melting three-dimensional-printed Ti-6Al-4V. Scientific Reports, 6(26039), 1-10.

  • B. Saha, W.Q. Toh, E. Liu, S. B. Tor and Junghoon Lee,. (2016). A study on frictional behavior of PMMA against FDTS coated silicon as a function of load, velocity and temperature. Tribology International, .

  • P. Wang, Xipeng Tan, N.L.S. Nai, S. B. Tor & J. Wei. (2016). Spatial and geometrical-based characterization of microstructure and microhardness for an electron beam melted Ti-6Al-4V component. Materials and Design, 95, 287-295.