Academic Profile

Dr. Le Hai Khoi is currently in the Division of Mathematical Sciences, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences since Jan 2007. He received his Bachelor degree (Hons) in Mathematics and Ph.D. degree from the Rostov State University, Russia. His research interests include Complex Analysis in Several Variables, and Mathematical Foundations of Information Technology. He has done significant research work in his research areas and published over 25 international conference and journal papers.

Dr. Le Hai Khoi is Associate Professor in mathematics of Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology. He is an executive member of the Vietnamese Mathematical Society, a member of Editorial Board of Vietnam Journal of Mathematics.

Dr. Le Hai Khoi has been awarded the ISAAC Award of the International Society for Analysis, its Applications and Computations (in 1999) and the prize of the Vietnamese Academy of Science & Technology (in 1998).
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Dr Le Hai Khoi (No longer with NTU)
Senior Lecturer, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences - Division of Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Le Hai Khoi's areas of expertise are Complex Analysis in Several Variables, and Mathematical Foundations of Information Technology. His current research works focus on a theory of representing systems and Dirichlet series in several complex variables as well as applications to functional equations. He also works on some problems related to harmonic functions.
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  • Wee Jun Jie, Le Hai Khoi. (2020). Korenblum constants for some function spaces. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 148(3), 1175 - 1185.

  • Doan Minh Luan, Le Hai Khoi. (2020). Complete characterization of bounded composition operators on the general weighted Hilbert spaces of entire Dirichlet series. North West European Journal of Mathematics (NWEJM), 6, 91 - 106.

  • Pham Trong Tien, Le Hai Khoi. (2020). Weighted composition operators between Fock spaces in several variables. Mathematische Nachrichten , 293(6), 1200 - 1220.