Academic Profile

Dr. Teh has been with the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering since 1990. He received his Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from University of Malaya, and D.Phil. degree from Oxford University. He works mainly in the geotechnical area with particular research interests in the application of numerical methods to geotechnical engineering, in-situ testings, and ground improvement. He has published over 30 top quality international journal papers. He has served as a reviewer for a number of international journals, including Geotechnics.

Dr. Teh was a member of the Committee of Inquiry into the incident at the MRT Circle Line worksite that led to the collapse of the Nicoll Highway in Singapore. He had also served on various committees exploring the use of underground space, including the steering committee on the Jurong Rock Cavern. Dr. Teh is a registered Professional Engineer in Singapore.
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Assoc Prof Teh Cee Ing
Associate Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Application of numerical and computational methods to geotechnical engineering.
In-situ testings and interpretations.
Ground improvement.
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