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Prof Lew Wen Siang
Associate Chair (Research)
Professor, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences - Division of Physics & Applied Physics
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Dr Lew is a full-time academic staff (Professor) at the Division of Physics and Applied Physics, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University. He joined the University in January 2007 and is now working on building a research group focus on the research of spin injection in hybrid ferromagnetic-III-V-semiconductor devices. He has published 19 refereed journal papers, including two in the journal Physical Review Letters and one in the journal Nature. His research interests are spintronic and semiconductor devices, III-V solar cells, ultrathin epitaxial magnetic structures, and nanostructured magnetism. The applicant has been working on molecular beam epitaxy system for nine years in industrial and institution laboratories. He has vast experience in planning, designing, and setting up large scale research facilities independently. Prior to joining NTU, he worked as Research Associate at the Cavendish Laboratory where he took charge to set up a new microfabrication cleanroom and a multi-chamber six-target magnetic sensor magnetron sputtering deposition system during 2003-2006. Dr Lew is skilful in device fabrication and measurement.
Dr Lew's areas of expertise are spintronic devices, nanoscale magnetism, and bio magnetic sensors.
  • Advanced ReRAM Technology For Embedded Systems
  • GFS-NTU Research Collaboration Project
  • High Performance Magnetic Tunnel Junctions for Sensor Applications
  • Memristive Halide Perovskites for Next Generation Embedded Neuromorphic Computing
  • Passive Array Integration of CBRAM with Highly Scalable Access Devices for High-Density Storage Applications
  • Resistance Gate architecture for Neuromorphic Computing Applications
  • SiGeBC Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor
  • Spin Orbit Torque (SOT) Memory Devices for Brain-inspired Computing
  • Spin-Orbit Torques on Magnetization Dynamics with 3D Topological Materials
  • SPMS General Research Account
US 2017/0212728 A1: Magnetic Random Number Generator (2018)
Abstract: A magnetic random number generator is disclosed. The magnetic random number generator comprises: a) a Hall cross structure comprising at least one magnetic nanowire with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy; b) an in-plane pulsed current generator operable to generate stochastic nucleation of domain walls (DWs) in the Hall cross structure; and c) a sensor configured to measure a parameter of the Hall cross structure upon DW nucleation, wherein said parameter has a value representing a random number. A greater number of Hall cross structures may be employed to generate a random number having a greater number of bits.

US 2015/0371696 A1: Memory Device Including a Domain Wall and Ferromagnetic Driver Nanowire (2016)
Abstract: A memory device comprising a ferromagnetic data nanowire, a ferromagnetic driver nanowire, read element and/or a spaced write element positioned about the data nanowire, wherein driving a domain wall in the driver nanowire remotely drives a domain wall in the data nanowire past the read element and/or the write element.
Courses Taught
PH3601 Fabrication of Micro- & Nano-electronic Devices

PH4601 Physics of Semiconductor & Spintronics Devices

PH6601 Solid-State Electronic Devices