Academic Profile

Weisi Lin graduated from Zhongshan University, China with B.Sc in Electronics and M.Sc in Digital
Signal Processing, respectively, and from King’s College, London University, UK with Ph.D in
Computer Vision. He taught and researched in Zhongshan University, Shantou University (China), Bath University (UK), National University of Singapore, Institute of Microelectronics (Singapore), and Institute for Infocomm Research (Singapore). He has been the project leader of 12 successfully delivered projects in digital multimedia technology development. He also serves as the Lab Head, Visual Processing, and then the Acting Department Manager, Media Processing, in Institute for Infocomm Research. His areas of expertise include perception-inspired signal modeling, perceptual multimedia quality evaluation, video compression, and image processing & analysis. He holds seven patents, wrote 7 book chapters, edited 3 book, authored a book, published over 250 refereed papers in international journals and conferences, and made more than ten contributions to international standardization. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of IET, and an Honorary Fellow of Singapore Institute of Engineering Technologists. He believes that good theory is practical so has kept a balance of academic research and industrial deployment throughout his working life.
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Prof Lin Weisi
Associate Chair (Research), School of Computer Science and Engineering
Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering

image processing, perceptual modeling, video compression, multimedia communication and computer vision
  • Artificial Intelligence for University Educators in Asia Programme

  • Deep learning and 3D technologies for scene understanding and modelling

  • LiDAR Depth Map (LDM) Quality Assessment & Improvement

  • Overheads M4 Account
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