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Assoc Prof Kwan Sze Pui Uganda
Associate Professor, School of Humanities

Uganda Sze Pui Kwan is associate professor at Chinese Program of the School of Humanities

I was trained as a literary studies scholar in my early years. Literature is the window through which I appreciate the suffering and the beauty of humanity. It allows me to transcend my limitation and reminds me of the importance of being compassionate and humble.

In my later life, my research has been greatly empowered by the interdisciplinary nature of translation studies. I then become a translation studies scholar who now has STEAM (STEM+Arts) projects cutting across the fields of architectural studies (Sumitomo Foundation, 2022), print history and technology (Singapore Chinese Culture Center, 2020), Hong Kong Freedom as the International Frontline (Hong Kong Arts Development Council, 2019), History of medical interpreting (Cambridge Needham Research Institute, 2018).

PhD Supervision
I am currently supervising 1 Ph.D. student at NTU on her project on Chinese-Malay Translation History in the 19th century, and a Ph.D. student at the University College London. Supervising doctoral and postdoctoral students brings great joy and satisfaction to me especially when I see they made great leap and breakthrough and eventually become independent scholars. I am also supervising international Ph.D. students who have been awarded scholarships from their home country/ institutions to study at NTU as visiting PhD students/ scholars.

Translation Studies Chinese Translation History; Literary translation Comparative Modern Sino-Japanese Literature British Sinology in the 19th Century Hong Kong Literature

  • Learning Chinese XYZ(Xing Yin Zi 形音字)through Technical Method: Chinese Characters and Ideograph in Print and Picture (1800-1875)
  • Smart Nation and Knowledge Societies : Chinese Heritage, Translation and Digital Libraries
2019 - Book Prize, 15th Hong Kong Biennial Awards for Chinese Literature. Hong Kong SAR Government
2018 - Scholarship. Needham Research Institute, Cambridge University
2015 - Scholarship. California Rare Book School at UCLA, UCLA
2010-2 - Shortlisted, The Barwis Holliday Award, Royal Asiatic Society
2002-2004 - Japan Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship
Fellowships & Other Recognition
2018. Visiting Fellow. Cambridge University.
2017. Visiting Professor, Princeton University
2014. Visiting Fellow. Harvard University.
2009. Project Associate Professor, University of Tokyo.
Courses Taught
Translation HIstory, Translation Theories, Translation and Modern China
Book Culture and HIstory, Hong Kong Literature and Culture
Supervision of PhD Students
李佳奇 Li Jiaqi. (2020) - 译言与易文:晚清驻英日记的中西文化翻译 = Translating as rewriting : Cultural translation of Chinese envoy diaries in late imperial China.

Pu Chun (2018) - 晚清民初文学语境下的“法国大革命”观念译介 :以王韬、梁启超、曾朴为考察中心 (1890-1912) = Translating the concept of “French Revolution” in the literary context from the late Qing to early republican China : based on the works by Wang Tao, Liang Qichao and Zeng Pu (1890-1912)

Long Chao (2018) - Writing Hong Kong Sinophonicity : History, gender and ethnicity in Hong Kong fiction