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Assoc Prof Barrie Wayne Sherwood
Associate Professor, School of Humanities
Director, Asia Creative Writing Programme, School of Humanities (SoH)
Director, Master of Arts in Creative Writing and Publishing, School of Humanities (SoH)
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Barrie Sherwood is Associate Professor of English in the School of Humanities. He is Coordinator of Creative Writing, Director of the Master of Arts in Creative Writing and Publishing, and Director of the NTU/NAC Asia Creative Writing Programme. He studied at Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, and Concordia University before completing his PhD at the University of East Anglia in 2010. He is the author of the novels, The Pillow Book of Lady Kasa (DC Books) Escape from Amsterdam (Granta, St Martin's Press), Speed of Lightness (Penguin), The Macanese Pro-Wrestler's Cookbook (Penguin), and a collection of short stories The Angel Tiger and Other Stories (Epigram). His fiction and non-fiction have appeared in various journals, including Stand, Asia Literary Review, Istanbul Review, Lighthouse, Writing in Education, TEXT, and Matrix. His research and teaching interests comprise a broad range of contemporary fiction, including narratives of photograph and text.
The contemporary novel
Narratives of photograph and text
Creative writing: research-led teaching
WG Sebald
  • Nanyang Educational Award (College) 2019
Nanyang Education Award, College 2019
Nanyang Education Award, School 2018
Fellowships & Other Recognition
Fellow, Teaching Excellence Academy, Singapore 2018-Present
Teaching Fellow, Higher Education Academy, UK 2009-present
Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice, UK 2008
Courses Taught
HZ9101 Introduction to Creative Writing AY13 – 22
HZ9202 Creative Writing: Fiction AY13 – 23
HZ9203 Creative Writing: Non-Fiction AY13 – 23
HL2020 Creative Writing Workshop: World Poetry AY14 – 15

HL7201 Graduate Seminar in Creative Writing: Directed Study AY18 – 23
HL7203 Graduate Seminar in Creative Writing: Forms of Narrative AY18 – 23

Guest Lectures (Graduate)
TI6403 Literary Translation, Creative Writing and Story Editing AY22– 24
TI6002 Specialised Translation I: Literature AY22 – 23
TI6104 Research in Translation and Interpretation Studies AY20 – 21
Masters in Translation and Interpretation Dissertation Seminar AY18 – 19
TI6105 Cross-Cultural Communication, Marketing and Trans-Creation AY17 – 18
Supervision of PhD Students
Rijula Das 2013-2016 Conferred
Tissina George 2013-2017 Conferred
Balli Kaur Jaswal 2017-2020 Conferred
Ben Slater 2021- Submitting Aug. 2024
Paul Tan 2021- Submitting Aug. 2024
Pamela Ho 2022-
Donna Tang 2022-
Jessica Tan 2022-
Sofia Ma 2023-
Sina Pousset 2024-

Arin Fong 2015-2018 Conferred
Hidhir Razak 2015-2018 Conferred
Nurulhuda Arslan 2015-2018 Conferred
Isabelle Teo 2016-2018 Conferred
Jemimah Wei 2016-2018 Conferred
Reginald Kent 2018-2021 Conferred
Nur’ain Binte Zainal 2019-2022 Conferred
Lin Xin Er 2023-
Jeremy Kho 2023-