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Assoc Prof Julien Cayla
Associate Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Marketing
Deputy Director, Nanyang Centre for Marketing and Technology (NCMT)
Journal Articles
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Welté, Jean-Baptiste, Julien Cayla, and Eileen Fischer (2022), “Navigating contradictory logics in the field of luxury retailing," Journal of Retailing, forthcoming (published online December 2021)

Welté, Jean-Baptiste, Julien Cayla, and Bernard Cova (2022), “The intimacy trap: Navigating the commercial friendships of luxury,” Journal of Business Research, forthcoming.

Fuschillo, Gregorio, Julien Cayla, and Bernard Cova (2022) "Brand magnification: when brands help people reconstruct their lives,” European Journal of Marketing (published online January 2022).

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Baas, Michiel and Julien Cayla (2019), Recognition in India’s new service professions: gym trainers and coffee baristas” Consumption, Markers and Culture, 1-18

Cova, Bernard, Carù, Antonella and Julien Cayla (2018) “Escape: The missing concept in consumption experience,” Qualitative Market Research: an International Journal, 21 (4), 445-464.

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Cayla, Julien and Lisa Peñaloza. (2012). Mapping the Play of Organizational Identity in Foreign Market Adaptation. Journal of Marketing, 76, 38-54.