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Assoc Prof Jonathan Tan
Assistant Chair, Internship, Exchange, Alumni and Communication, School of Social Sciences
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences
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Chuah, S. H., S. Gächter, R. Hoffmann, and J. H. W. Tan. (2016). Religion, Discrimination and Trust Across Three Cultures. European Economic Review, 90, 280-301.

Tan, J. H.W., Y. Breitmoser, and F. Bolle. (2015). Voluntary Contributions by Consent or Dissent. Games and Economic Behavior, 92, 106-121.

Bolle, F., J. H. W. Tan, and D. J. Zizzo. (2014). Vendettas. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 6(2), 93-130.

Breitmoser, Y., J. H. W. Tan, and D. J. Zizzo. (2014). On the Beliefs Off the Path: Equilibrium Refinement due to Quantal Response and Level-k. Games and Economic Behavior, 86, 102-125.

Breitmoser, Y., J. H. W. Tan, and D. J. Zizzo. (2010). Understanding Perpetual R&D Races. Economic Theory, 44(3), 445-467.