Academic Profile

Anwitaman is an Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at NTU Singapore. He currently teaches courses on Developing Data Products, Security Management and Distributed Systems. Additionally, he serves as a Senior Scientific Officer in a consulting role with QPQ.IO.

He did his undergraduate studies at IIT Kanpur, India, and his doctoral dissertation at EPFL Switzerland. During 2014-2018 he was a non-executive director of Qiv Storage Pte Ltd (which he had co-founded).
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Assoc Prof Anwitaman Datta
Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering

My research interests span the topics of large-scale resilient distributed systems, information security and applications of data analytics. Some of my distinctive and pioneering research contributions which have preceded and influenced new lines of research in respective research communities include: (i) decentralized online social networks for privacy and censorship resistance, (ii) novel erasure codes tailor made for distributed storage systems --- self-repairing (locally repairable) erasure codes, erasure codes with elastic redundancy, and codes exploiting cross-version sparsity to efficiently store multiple versions of data, and (iii) the application of machine learning and stereotyping to computational trust. I have also contributed to well established research topics, spanning security and privacy, distributed data stores, collaborative systems, social network analysis, decision support applications and cryptocurrency forensics.
  • BlockChain I/O: A framework for cross-chain interoperability

  • DataGovernR: Governance of Research Data

  • StorEdge: Data store along a cloud-to-thing continuum with integrity and availability
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  • Silivanxay Phetsouvanh, Anwitaman Datta, Alwen Tiu (2021).
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