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Mr Peter Chen Chia Mien@Peter King
Senior Lecturer, School of Art, Design and Media
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Peter is an architect, design educator, sculptor and photographer. Having worked as an architect since 1995, his work has covered large scale institutional projects to small scale design-intensive work and across sculpture to urban furniture. His experience extends beyond the traditional confines of architecture to include furniture, photography, sculpture and urbanism, and all else in between.

His current work takes him into the realm of urban memory and computational photography, all of which attempt to reveal the disjunction between the idealized aspects of intentions and its constructed double. Ongoing projects include The Infratectural Sublime: Singapore’s Hidden Frontier, a photographic and research effort in documenting industries responsible for the development and success of Singapore, and Personal State, a project as the recipient of the Architecture and Design Excellence Award 2012. Completed works include Postcards from the Disposable City and Perspectives from the Ideal City, a 2 projects on documenting the changing civic landscape of Singapore. Other works include the Bench Project, a URA design initiative in repurposing salvaged wooden benches from the old National Stadium as public seating, Reed Sculpture, a public art commission by City Developments Limited, as part of the recipient of the CDL Singapore Sculpture Award, the winning entry to the LTA Bus Shelter Competition for the progressive refurbishment of all the national bus stops in Singapore. Other recent built works include Unplanned House, the design and construction of a single-family dwelling.

As a design educator, he has taught at the National University of Singapore; Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore Polytechnic and the School of Art Design and Media in NTU.
Research Areas & Expertise:
Architecture as Image: Urban Memory, Landmarks & Heritage, Industrial Infrastructure & Urban Systems
Urban Objects: Public Art, Urban Furniture & Installations, Object Stories
Design Thinking: Origins, Development and Foundations of the Creative Process

The main research focus stems from the examination of the relationships between space, schema, image and memory. Frameworks are structured from a desire to capture and reveal the irregularities between lived experience and the schema or intention that created it. It is through the assumption that something always gets lost in the transformative process that we begin to witness the real relationship between abstract representation and the rational construct, and how through translation, interpretation and manifestation, it invariably deviates.
  • Photographic Epistemology and the Industrial Image: Exploring the process of photographic documentation as a epistemological device in mapping an industrial topography
Courses Taught
DN1003 - Foundation 3D
DN1011 - Form and Visualisation
DP2000 - Photo Imaging I
DP5000 - Black and White Film Photography
DR2000 - Conceptual Design
DR3007 - Studies in Form