Academic Profile

Academic Qualifications
2011 PhD (Chinese Linguistics), Stanford University, USA
2010 MSc (Statistics), Stanford University, USA
2006 MSc (Linguistics), University of Alberta, Canada
2004 BA (English Language and Literature), Zhejiang University, China

Summary of Working Experience
Mar 2019-present Associate Professor, Chinese, SoH, NTU
Jan 2013-Feb 2019 Assistant Professor, Chinese, SoH, NTU
Aug 2011-Dec 2012 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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Assoc Prof Lin Jingxia
Associate Professor, School of Humanities

Chinese linguistics; Syntax; Semantics; Syntax-semantics interface; Global Chinese; Grammaticalization and lexicalization; typology; Chinese dialect studies
  • Grammatical Variations Of World Chineses: Comparative Empirical Studies Based On Student Writings
  • Xu, Hongzhi, Menghan Jiang, Jingxia Lin, Dingxu Shi, Chu-Ren Huang.(2019). Light Verb Variations in Varieties of Chinese: Comparable Corpus Driven Approaches to Processing of Similar Languages. In Marcos Zampieri and Preslav Nakov(Ed), Similar Languages, Varieties, and Dialects: A Computational PerspectiveCambridge: Cambridge University Press.

  • Khoo, Yong Kang and Jingxia Lin. (2019). you as an existential perfect marker in Singapore Mandarin. The 27th Annual Conference of International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL2019).

  • Jingxia Lin. (2019). Encoding Motion Events in Mandarin Chinese: A Cognitive Functional Study. John Benjamins.

  • Peck, Jeeyoung and Jingxia Lin. (2019). Semantic Constraint on Preposition Incorporation of Postverbal Locative PPs in Mandarin Chinese. Language and Linguistics, 20(1), 85-129.

  • Lin, Jingxia.(2018). Grammaticalization of shuo and jiang in Singapore Mandarin Chinese: A Spoken-Corpus-Based Study. In Jia-Fei Hong, Qi Su, and Jiun-Shiung Wu(Ed), Chinese Lexical Semantics (CLSW 2018, Lecture Notes in Computer Science)(82-90). Cham: Springer.