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Assoc Prof Lin Jingxia
Associate Dean (Students), College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Associate Professor, School of Humanities
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Associate Professor Lin Jingxia received her PhD in Chinese linguistics from Stanford University in 2011. Prior to joining NTU Singapore in 2013, she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2011-2012). Her research interests include cognitive functional linguistics, language variation and change, and typology. She mainly works on Putonghua, Singapore Mandarin Chinese, and the Wenzhou Wu dialect.
• Chinese linguistics
• Cognitive functional linguistics
• Syntax-semantics/pragmatics interface
• Language variation and change
• Global Chinese and Singapore Mandarin
• The Wenzhou dialect
  • Digitizing the Linguistic Heritage of Chinese Singaporeans: A Corpus-Based Sociolinguistic Study of Singaporean Chinese Varieties
  • Documenting and Digitizing Singapore’s Linguistic Heritage: Constructing a Repository of Singapore Chinese Language Varieties
  • Exploring classroom practices that affect student wellbeing
  • Singapore Mandarin Chinese: Variation and Shift in a Glocalized World
Courses Taught
HC1050 Science of Chinese Characters 汉字学
HC1051 Modern Chinese 现代汉语
HC2053 Varieties of Chinese 汉语的变体
HC4058 Chinese Language and Grammatical Theories 汉语与语法理论
HC4059 Chinese-English Contrastive Linguistics 汉英对比语言学
Supervision of PhD Students
Xu, Runfang. In progress. A Reference Grammar of the Shexian Hui Dialect.

Chen, Yifan. In progress. A Reference Grammar of Lufeng.

Qi, Fei. 2020. 北京口语三个参与者事件结构:基于信息结构的研究 = The structures expressing three-participant events in Beijing spoken language : an information-structure-based study.