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Assoc Prof Chew Sing Yian
Associate Professor, School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
Associate Professor, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Associate Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering (Courtesy Appointment)
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Highly Cited:
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Recent Publication:
Zhang, N., Lin, J., Chin, J. S., Wiraja, C., Xu, C., McGrouther, D. A., & Chew, S. Y. (2022). Delivery of Wnt inhibitor WIF1 via engineered polymeric microspheres promotes nerve regeneration after sciatic nerve crush. Journal of Tissue Engineering, 13, 20417314221087417.

Zhang, N., Lin, J., & Chew, S. Y. (2021). Neural cell membrane-coated nanoparticles for targeted and enhanced uptake by central nervous system cells. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 13(47), 55840-55850.

Marinval, N., & Chew, S. Y. (2021). Mechanotransduction assays for neural regeneration strategies : a focus on glial cells. APL Bioengineering, 5(2), 021505.

Chooi, W. H., Dong, Q., Low, J. Z. Y., Yuen, C., Chin, J. S., Lin, J., ... & Chew, S. Y. (2021). Cell membrane-coated electrospun fibers enhance keratinocyte growth through cell-type specific interactions. ACS Applied Bio Materials, 4(5), 4079-4083.

Lin, P. H., Dong, Q., & Chew, S. Y. (2021). Injectable hydrogels in stroke and spinal cord injury treatment : a review on hydrogel materials, cell–matrix interactions and glial involvement. Materials Advances, 2(8), 2561-2583.

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