Academic Profile

PhD (2009) University of Minnesota (History of Science and Medicine)
MSc (2001) Seoul National University (History and Philosophy of Science)
BSc (1996) Yonsei University (Biology, with High Honors)

I was trained as a historian of science and medicine at the University of Minnesota. After earning my doctoral degree in 2009, I got my first job as a lecturer in the history of medicine at the University of Durham, England. After a year, I moved to the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology in Korea as an assistant professor, and then came to join the NTU faculty in December, 2012. My area of expertise is the history of the biomedical sciences and medicine in the modern world, including the problem of aging, health, cross-disciplinary communication, and religious interactions in scientific exchanges. AT NTU, I teach history of science and technology (HH1004), history of the body (HH3019), health and illness in history (HH2007), and history of biomedicine (HH2027). I was awarded the Nathan Reingold Prize of the History of Science Society (2007).
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Assoc Prof Park Hyung Wook
Associate Professor, School of Humanities

History of Biomedical Science and Medicine
History of the Body
History of Aging and Gertontology
Korean Science and Medicine
  • Science, Religion and the Struggle against Darwin in an Asian Country
  • Hyung Wook Park. (2019). Bodies and Viruses: Biomedicalizing Hepatitis B in Shaping South Korea's Nationhood. Seoul Journal of Korean Studies, 32(1), 173-209.

  • Hyung Wook Park. (2019, April). Korean Creation Scientists and Their Appropriation of the Secular. Paper presented at Revisiting the Science-Religion Interface Colloquium: Glocal, Bottom-Up, Multi-Disciplinary, University of Tampere, Finland.

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  • Hyung Wook Park. (2018, September). Science, State, and Spirituality: Scientific Creationism in South Korea. Paper presented at Society for Social Studies of Science Annual Meeting, Sydney, Australia.

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