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Assoc Prof Park Hyung Wook
Associate Professor, School of Humanities
Journal Articles
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Hyung Wook Park. (2019). Bodies and Viruses: Biomedicalizing Hepatitis B in Shaping South Korea's Nationhood. Seoul Journal of Korean Studies, 32(1), 173-209.

Hyung Wook Park. (2019, April). Korean Creation Scientists and Their Appropriation of the Secular. Paper presented at Revisiting the Science-Religion Interface Colloquium: Glocal, Bottom-Up, Multi-Disciplinary, University of Tampere, Finland.

Hyung Wook Park. (2018). Living as Foreign Scientists: Stories of Nineteen Expatriate Professors in South Korea. Korean Journal of Science and Technology Studies, 18(3), 45-100.

Hyung Wook Park. (2018, September). Science, State, and Spirituality: Scientific Creationism in South Korea. Paper presented at Society for Social Studies of Science Annual Meeting, Sydney, Australia.

Hyung Wook Park. (2018). Guest Editor's Introduction: Understanding Creationism in Korea. International Journal of Korean History, 23(2), 1-11.