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Prof Zhang Huai
Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Accounting
Deputy Director, Centre for Accounting & Auditing Research (CAAR)
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Do Truc, Huai Zhang, Luo Zuo. (2021) Rocking the Boat: How Relative Performance Evaluation Affects Corporate Risk Taking. Journal of Accounting and Economics , forthcoming.

Do Truc, Huai Zhang. (2020). Peer Effects Among Financial Analysts. Contemporary Accounting Research, 37(1), 358-391.

Xianjie He, Huifang Yin, Yachang Zeng, Huai Zhang, Hailong Zhao. (2019). Facial Structure and Achievement Drive: Evidence from Financial Analysts. Journal of Accounting Research, 57 (4), 1013-1057.

Huasheng Gao, H. Zhang, Jin Zhang. (2018). “Employee Turnover Likelihood and Earnings Management: Evidence from the Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine. Review of Accounting Studies, 23 (4), 1427-1470.