Academic Profile

Ian Dixon completed his PhD at The University of Melbourne, Victorian College of the Arts in 2011. He delivers academic addresses internationally including a plenary speech for CEA in USA (2013) and keynote address in India (2016). Recently, Ian won best paper at CMCS conference, University of Southern California. Ian has published internationally and is currently editing his book: I’m Not a Film Star: David Bowie as Actor.

Ian has worked as writer, director, actor and script editor including: film; commercial television; literature and; international theatre. He studied drama, cinema studies and English literature at the University of Adelaide and Flinders University as well as filmmaking at the University of Melbourne, VCA School of Film and Television (where he also completed his PhD). Funded to write feature films through Screen Australia and Film Victoria, Ian’s films have won awards internationally. He has directed television for Neighbours, Blue Heelers and SBS TV and his debut feature film Crushed (writer/director/producer) screened at the world’s largest arthouse chain, Cinema Nova in 2009. Having currently signed a contract to write two new feature films in Australia and Asia, Ian’s directing credits also include Wee Jimmy (half hour drama for SBS TV—which won director commendation at San Francisco International Film Festival, 2000), Interference, The Perimeter, The Raptor Detail and Cut (which won Gold at Australian Cinematographers Society Awards). Ian also has had extensive training as a director including Film Victoria/Australian Film Commission assisted traineeships on Neighbours, Blue Heelers and Horace and Tina.

He has written two novels and has worked as a lecturer in cultural studies, celebrity studies, film theory, television and filmmaking at Deakin University, The University of Melbourne, Victorian College of the Arts, RMIT University, SAE Institute and Open Channel Film School. He works as an independent producer of film and video and has been assistant to the artistic director of the Australia Korea Foundation for the Department of Foreign Affairs.

On stage, Ian took over from Hollywood A-lister Guy Pearce to play the lead in Grease and has performed in many Australian television productions including: Underbelly, Rush, City Homicide, Guinevere Jones, Martial Law, Blue Heelers, Stingers, Heartbreak High, Shadows of the Heart etc.
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Assoc Prof Ian Dixon
Associate Professor (Practice)

Cinema Studies, Celebrity Studies, Fan Studies, Film Theory, Filmmaking, Literature, Screenwriting & Television Studies
  • Developing academic writing skills through the video essay and measuring the advantages

  • Temple Crimes: East-West Cinematic Space as Nexus of Theory and Practice

  • Transnational Networks of Singapore Cinema and Digital Media: Shifting Geographies, Multiplying Media, and Industry Transformations
  • Dixon, I. (2015). Deviance Under the Dome: Horror/Science-Fiction Hybridity as Uncanny in feature film The Perimeter. Deviation-Deletion, 9.

  • Dixon, I. (2013). Return of the Thin White Repressed: Narcissism in The Stars (Are Out Tonight). Celebrity Studies: Special Double Issue: Celebrity Ecologies/The Unearthly David Bowie, 4(3), 397-400.

  • Dixon, I. (2013). Mise-en-scene and Kinaesthetically Charged Atmosphere in John Cassavetes’ Faces. CEA Forum, 42(2), 157-168.

  • Dixon, I. (2016). Resisting Globalization: Australian Horror at The Perimeter of Perception.. Situations: Cultural Studies in the East Asian Context, 9(2), 25-46.