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Fidel COSTA is a Principal Investigator with the Volcano group at EOS. He is an igneous petrologist and geochemist specializing in volcanic processes. He studied Earth Sciences at the University of Barcelona (Spain), and received his Ph.D. from the University of Geneva (Switzerland). He was Marie Curie Fellow (CNRS, Orleans), and subsequently held positions as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Ruhr-University, Bochum (Germany), and at the CSIC in Barcelona (Ramon y Cajal Fellow). He has been involved in developing new geochronological methods to determine the rates of volcanic and magmatic processes occurring on human time scales.
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Prof Fidel Costa Rodriguez
Chair, Asian School of the Environment
Professor, Asian School of the Environment

I'm interested in understanding the formation, transport, and eruption of magmas (silicate melt, gas and crystals) on the Earth's surface. Main focus are the conditions (pressure, temperature, volatile contents) at which magmas are stored prior to eruption, the processes that lead to the erupted magma compositions (magma mixing, crystallization), the rates and time scales at which these processes occur, and, finally how all this information relate to volcanic monitoring data and unrest phenomena. I have expertise and use a large variety of geochemical (SEM, electron microprobe, SIMS, FTIR, LA-ICP-MS, XRF, INAA), experimental (high pressure and temperature apparatus for phase equilibria), and modeling (finite differences for kinetics in solid state) approaches.
  • Calibrating The Lifetimes Of Magma Reservoirs Below Active Volcanoes

  • Enhancing our understanding of plume chemistry to aid the interpretation of volcanic gas measurements

  • Exploring machine learning techniques for image analysis in volcanology and application to volcanic ash particles

  • Impact of environmental changes since the last glaciation on Southeast Asian populations

  • Integration of global volcano data and conceptual models through statistical analysis of petrological databases

  • Magma Ascent

  • Provost's Chair in Earth Sciences


  • WOVODat
  • Salman, R., E. O. Lindsey, K. H. Lythgoe, K. E. Bradley, M. Muzli, S.-H. Yun, S. T. Chin, C. W. Tay, F. R. Costa, S. Wei, and E. M. Hill. (2020). Cascading partial rupture of the Flores thrust during the 2018 Lombok earthquake sequence, Indonesia. SEISMOLOGICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, in press.

  • Fidel Costa Rodriguez, Riko I Made, Jason S Herrin. (2019, December). Nano Scale Mineral Observations and The Geo-thermo-barometry of Volcanic Systems (Invited). Paper presented at AGU Fall Meeting 2019, San Francisco.

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  • RIKO I MADE1, FIDEL COSTA 1, 2, OLEG MELNIK3. (2019, August). Magma Thermal Histories from Volcanic Pyroxenes Nano Scale Chemical Profiles. Paper presented at Goldschmidt 2019, Barcelona, Spain.

  • R I Made, JS Herrin, YY Tay, F Costa Rodriguez. (2017). Exsolution lamellae in volcanic pyroxene; Single phenocryst thermometry for long-lived magmatic reservoir. AGU Fall Meeting.