Academic Profile

Dr. Bansal joined SCBE, NTU in Feb’14. She is teaching CH3101 (Chemical and Biomedical Process Dynamics and Control), co-teaching CH3114 (Biochemical Engineering), Computational Methods (CH2107 and BG2111) and managing end to end CH4801 (Final Year Design Project).

Dr. Bansal has several years of teaching experience. She is friendly and approachable which is liked and appreciated by our students.
Her explanation of difficult and complex topics in a systematic and logical way helped our students to understand the concepts better. She has received consistently excellent Teaching Feedback from Students for all courses.

Besides teaching, she is interested in the pedagogical research.
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Dr Mukta Bansal
Lecturer, School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Her research is based on Supply Chain Management, Supplier Procurement, Logistics, Optimization, and Carbon reduction.
  • Creating authentic learning experiences in a student-led maker community
  • Mukta Bansal. (2015, April). Modeling and Selection of Supply Contracts. Paper presented at ICETA, Taiwan, Taipei.

  • Mukta Bansal, M.P. Srinivasan, G.P. Rangaiah, S. Kawi, I.A. Karimi, A. Borgna. (2012). Chemical Engineering Students Design for Powering the World.CDTLBrief, NUS.

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