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Dr Sureenate Jaratjarungkiat
Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities
Journal Articles
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Sureenate Jaratjarungkiat. (2019). Is the copula /pen/ in Thai meaningless?. Journal of Mekong Societies, 15(2), 1-17.

Sureenate Jaratjarungkiat. (2018). Grammaticalization of /jaŋ/. Journal of Language and Linguistics, 35(2), 97 - 120.

Sureenate Jaratjarungkiat & He Xiaoling. (2017). An Application of WhatsApp with Thai as a Foreign Language Learning. Wanwitat Journal, 17, 251-268.

Sureenate Jaratjarungkiat. (2016). The Lexical /pen/ Meaning ‘To Be Alive’ And ‘To Know How To Do’ in Thai: Polysemy or Homonymy?. University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Journal, 36(4), 90-102.

Sureenate Jaratjarungkiat. (2015). A Development of Thai Words: Research Methodology. Wanwitat Journal, 15, 135-156.