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Asst Prof Kim Hie Lim
Assistant Professor, Asian School of the Environment
Hie Lim Kim specializes in population genomics, which study genetic variations within or between populations to understand their demographic history. She received her Ph.D. training in population genetics from the Graduate University for Advanced Studies in Japan and continued her postdoctoral research at Pennsylvania State University starting 2009. Later, She served as a Senior Research Fellow at the Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE) at Nanyang Technological University from 2014. In 2016, Hie Lim Kim was appointed as an Assistant Professor at the Asian School of the Environment and SCELSE at Nanyang Technological University. Currently, she is leading the GenomeAsia 100K project, a massive research initiative aimed at generating and analyzing population genome datasets from diverse ethnicities in Asia to reveal the genetic diversity and population history of Asian populations.
Studies on human population history related to environmental changes using whole genome population data in collaboration with the GenomeAsia 100K project (

Evolution of human immune genes as a result of adaptation against infectious disease

Population genetics on sea turtles nesting in Southeast Asia

Comparative genomics on air-born microbes
  • Impact of environmental changes since the last glaciation on Southeast Asian populations
Courses Taught
ES2301: Principles of Heredity and Ecological Genetics
ES9003: The Genome and Society